Ilse Van Bouchout is a freelance photographer who loves to explore the world around her and has a special interest for the detail of everyday items, persons or situations, showing them in an abstract but personal way. 

This detail as such is often very common, but by focusing directly on it, it can be remarkable, strange or even beautiful. Not by processing afterwards or by creating the ideal scene, just because it is...'Beauty' is mostly not the start or reason for taking a picture, but as every detail on its own opens a world of questions and wondering, often 'beauty' is the end result.

Being hungry for more know-how, she started a professional Bachelor Education at Narafi, Brussels and also finished a high school degree in photography at CVolt.
2022-2023 Internship at Proximus Art Collection - Brussels
2018-2023 Professional Bachelor Photography Narafi - Brussels
2012-2020 High School degree Photography CVolt - Leuven

Ilse is based in Leuven, Belgium, but travelling wherever her camera brings her. This can be out of interest, persuading personal projects or on customer assignments.

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